Saturday, March 16, 2013

P024: Cabeza de Vaca – Spanish Electronica Part I.

This week on Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM we start the first of a three part series all focused on Spanish electronica. First up we concentrate on experimental, IDM styles with hints of techno, dubstep and ambient thrown in for good measure. The other focus is on the work of Héctor Sandoval who has just released a phenomenal album called “El poso que da el tiempo” on Scheme under his Komatssu moniker. My (edited down) review of the album can be found on Resident Advisor. In addition, his long-running Exium collaboration with Valentin Corujo also appears to be bearing some particularly tasty fruit also at the right time with an album also in the works. It is certainly a critical moment for Señor Sandoval and indeed Spanish electronica in general as judging by the quality on offer here and in the upcoming shows. Moreover, a lot of the music is free if the crisis has bitten you hard, as it has done to many in Spain.


First up as far as notes go, apologies to Davic Nod as I did not announce his track intentionally as I honestly thought I would be out of time and would have to drop it for the next show. In the end I made some last minute edits after recording the voice and I slipped it in. I will announce it retrospectively next week in any case.


Please also check out the “Cinematograph” compilation at José Merinero aka J.M.’s  Artico NetLabel site. It is a free download, as is J.M.s EP “Broadcast” and is a wonderful introduction to the more IDM, experimental and ambient sounds of Spain.

Next week we do house with Hivern Disc and the week after it is techno with Semantica. Finally, apologies if you think I missed your music or label as it is difficult to fit everyone in.

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