Monday, March 11, 2013

P023: Cabeza de Vaca – Post-Sandwell District

Apologies as I am getting way behind myself these days. Too much work and compartmentalising things means the minimum effective effort to make something work without betraying them which includes the blog. In any case the new show has been up nearly a week already and is available here on Scanner FM.


Two things I forgot to mention were that they had revealed that Sandwell District would release a Fabric mix before I did the show, but the news was not official until this week. Fabric 69  will be mixed by Function and Regis essentially. I had imagined an all-label mix much like Silent Servant’s mix that is floating around on Discogs as a limited CD.


Speaking of mixes, the original Rrose podcast is archived from RA, but Rrose himself/herself has published a link to a higher resolution 320kbs file that still works if you haven’t tried it yet. Rrose RA Podcast 318


I also forgot to mention that Âme also had an EP out called “Rrose Sélavy” with a title track of the same name from 2010. Not the first time either, but looking forward to more from Rrose in the future.


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