Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cabeza de Vaca P006 – Crtistian Pascual interview

Another Cabeza de Vaca show on Scanner FM  to coincide with the the 10th edition of the Beefeater In-Edit International Festival of Music Documentaries. Again, all in Spanish, but instead of music, a lot of talking. I was lucky to be able to get an interview with Cristian Pascual, the director of the festival which took place in the morning in Hotel Pulitzer. Its is a shame the non-Spanish speaking audience cannot hear as Cristian is clearly very intelligent and very well spoken, making for a fascinating conversation. For those who do speak Spanish, apologies for my crappy accent and I was waffling a bit afterwards due to tiredness and a bit of pressure as there was a manifestation outside the study which meant many retakes. Please enjoy anyway!

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