Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cabeza de Vaca P007 – Prologue special

Latest Cabeza de Vaca show is up at Scanner FM featuring a lot of atmospheric techno and a special on the Prologue label. Not much else to say except please enjoy and share!


To make the later slightly easier I have started a Facebook page as loathe as I am to do so. The address and link is here: Please like, shae, and all those other silly Facebook things. It is still a bit primitive as I am not a fan of social media and haven’t much time, but I will add all the program links and more as we go, though here the blog should be the main port of call.


The Scanner FM website will also undergo a massive overhaul in the next week or two as well, but more on that when it becomes available.


Next show will either be some industrial and noise flavoured techno or another special program, but I will not spoil the surprise.

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