Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cabeza de Vaca P005 – Ambient special

Head over to Scanner FM for the latest show which is an all ambient special! A few beats in some tracks, but nothing worth locking up your daughters for, even if one of the artists is Xhin who you might expect to lay it on heavy.

There will be another ambient show in a couple of weeks, but I confess to lying accidentally at the end of the show, when I say that next week will be back to beats. Looks like a coup instead for the Spanish speaking contingent as I have an interview with Christian Pascual, director of the Beefeater In-Edit International Festival of Music Documentaries, that was the foundation of the previous show and will be now at the centre of the next one with the interview at heart, but the beats will return.

Also, anyone curious about listening on mobile devices, there will be a major overhaul of Scanner FM in the near future and you will be most impressed with the new direction, new programming and new flexibility, so stay tuned and be patient for now.

For supplements, here is a little film on Actress’s "R.I.P" album by Pierre Debusschere. The concept of the album may be loosely John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, but little mention is given to the title with its two and not three points at the end of the letters. My personal take on it would be that the “I” in the centre is meant to be read as “I” or self and you are meant to place yourself into the story. Another possibility is that the “I” is almost a mirror or a portal where one has “R” and “P” on opposing sides, almost reflections of each other. I haven’t read Milton as most of us haven’t, but maybe there are more clues there.


Mohn (the project of Jörg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt) has also had several video treatments, but none for the self-titled track I use in the show that closes the album. This track falls just before it and its “negative view” of the world is somehow metaphorical of ambient music and its absence of daily rhythms.



Finally, I mention in the show the websites of ASC and Australian artist Kane Ikin, in particular, and here are some nice mixes from the two. Check out their websites though for much more and of course plenty of useful information to boot.


ASC mix:


Kane Ikin mix:

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