Tuesday, February 19, 2013

P021: Cabeza de Vaca – Christopher Rau.

After a couple of heavier techno shows we make a return to the smoother, sultry world of deep house and Christopher Rau for the new Cabeza de Vaca show  on Scanner FM this week.

Quite a simple story behind the man which you can find elsewhere, which is not to say that the music is dull or predictable. Quite the opposite. Simple broad strokes and an impressionistic finish are the signature of his sound here, but the elements are always well chosen and in balance. For example, you can find the usual elements of jazz, velvet and crimson piano bars and the hour permanently poised close to midnight, but they are invariable always used with restraint and at the right moment. But much like Manuel Tur’s album “Swans reflecting elephants” there wasn’t much press around “Two” which is strange given the very high profile afforded to “Asper clouds” two years ago. Moreover, Smallville ended up with quite a good critical score at the end of the year, despite the relative lack of focus.

We have a lot of different shows planned for the near future, hopefully with some interesting treats, but we will see what will fall into place and when. So stay tuned to Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM!!!

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