Thursday, February 14, 2013

P020: Cabeza de Vaca - Shifted.

New Cabeza de Vaca  show on Scanner FM with a focus this week on Shifted. Not much known about the UK-born, Berlin-based artist, by his own design, but there is plenty of analysis to be made of the music. There are a number of interesting stylistic features that Shifted uses. The most obvious is the repetition and the shimmering, droney finish to the sounds that give them a more vital energy. The enveloping space is cloudy and stable and resists all the kinetic energy immersed within it. Small additions to the mix change the balance and focal point completely. One thing I forgot to mention in the show is that quite a lot of Shifted’s tracks just plug in. There is no build up, no warning, no subtlety. You arrive in the middle. It was interesting being a non-DJ and assembling them in the studio and just seeing their raw, blunt ends plugging one into the other, almost like Lego.

There was an interesting article on Resident Advisor  about heavy UK techno this week too if you need more information.


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