Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cabeza de Vaca P010 – Mathematics

Latest Cabeza de Vaca show at Scanner FM focuses on some new house tracks and the Mathematics label. By coincidence, Resident Advisor published an RA Exchange  with Hieroglyphic Being on the same day! Most of my information has come from the web or the interview in the Wire from late last year, so will be interesting to see what new stuff comes out of that. It was of course them wh published a few confused reviews of Mathematics stuff recently, making it sound wonderful and then scathing it with a pithy score. It seemed funny as a lot of weird stuff like Oni Ayhun, Kassem Mosse and some of the L.I.E.S. stuff can be pretty weird too, but seems to be highly regarded. In any case, some of the label’s output is quite conventional like Andrea Gehm’s recent 12” which was decent but unremarkable in many ways.

The Spanish text read (and written?) by Alex Rufí can be viewed on his blog


Track list is below and more information at Scanner FM of course.


Always looking for promos and new material so don’t forget to send anything if you think you could have some of your music on the show.

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