Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mouse on Mars

Cologne's post-rock/electronica combo Mouse on Mars look to be reactivating. The group of Andi Toma, Jan St Werner and drummer Dodo Nkishi haven't released under the Mouse on Mars name since 2006, but have of course collaborated more recently with The Falls Mark E. Smith on the Von Südenfed project. However, the duo have several upccoming gigs planned and what may be several releases in the pipeline. Most notably, the group will play with the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra on the 10th of September while a  single track entitled "Paenumnion" is currently available with the media, but with no release date or format information yet available. The track is a long instrumental piece featuring the group in collaboration with the Cologne Philharmonic and is in interesting counterpart to the just-released Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer "Re:ECM" collaboration, only here, rather than reconstruction, the music is a live interaction.

In addition to "Paenumnion", the group also remixed the Popol Vuh track "Through pain to heaven", originally from the Nosferatu soundtrack, for the upcoming "Revisitied and Remixed" double CD due for release on SPV to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the death of founding member Florian Fricke.

Two of the remix tracks appearing on the release originally appeared on Editions Mego in 2008, whereas German producer Roland Appel will also contribute a remix of the same track.

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