Sunday, July 10, 2011

Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo’s second single “Hour Logic” has been causing quite a stir. Recently released on Hippos in Tanks it refuses any easy classification. At times it sounds dubstep, others ambient, sometimes with touches of Detroit techno blended into an organic tapestry of video game sounds and geometric soundscapes. Complicated, slippery and compelling the success of the release has forced the Ann Arbor born musician (real name Ina Cube) into the spotlight, culminating in a recent profile on the Guardian’s exhausting New Band of the Day . It also happens that her boyfriend is Oneohtrix Point Never who also remixed the track “Metal Confection” on her debut single “King Felix” last year. The contrasts between the two releases are marked however, with the silvery synth pop of “Supersymmetry” contrasting beautifully with the more abstract planes of “Hour Logic”

Keeping in vogue with underground, Laurel Halo also has a slew of cassette releases and mix tapes available for those who need more.


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