Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ricardo Donoso: The morning criminal

A short post this week redirecting to a longer work, an interview I did with Brazilian-born, US-based musician Ricardo Donoso for Cyclic Defrost while he was in town for Sonar. Was great to have a few beers with him as well after the show. The article focuses on all his different projects, but for various reasons I will just flag up the more electronic side of his work.

Ricardo’s debut solo work for Digitalis, “Progress Chance” was an extended, beatless techno work out inspired by the memories of beach trance raves in Brazil. A follow-up is due imminently and keenly awaited as “Progress Chance” really satisfies a certain hunger for more hypnotically-edged electronica as we saw recently with a post  about Donato Dozzy and Neel’s album “Voices from the lake”. “Progress Chance” is almost the perfect bed partner for this album, although given the different time signatures I am not sure if they would be easy to mix. Ricardo even confesses that the music confuses people and promoters: booked to play more a club setting and people won’t dance, yet in an ambient/experimental environment people dance too much. Certainly the crux of the music is like an endless drug pinnacle in a club, an extended break down where one can imagine dizzy clubbers waiting endlessly for the beat that will never come.

Thanks as always to Bianca de Vilar for great photos.

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