Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Important notice: floatinghead goes radio

The birth of Cabeza de Vaca.

I am pleased to announce that I will be commencing a radio program with Scanner FM  which will be called “Cabeza de Vaca” (Cow head), named after the fabled explorer and also in reference to the 1991 Mexican movie.

I will record a pilot/introductory program next week with more regular broadcasts beginning in September after the August summer break. Programs will be around 60-70 minutes long and appear roughly every 10-15 days and be available for streaming on the Scanner FM website (link permanently on the right) where set-lists will be posted as well as links to this blog where more information will be made available. The language of the show is preliminarily set for Spanish, but the information here will remain in English. There will be approximately 6-8 tracks of various genre and themes, mostly new, but there will also be a small focus (4-6 tracks) in each program on an artist, label or scene that is interesting or relevant to current developments in music.

The majority of music covered will be electronic from techno, house and dubstep as already appears here, but not exclusively so. In addition, approximately one in every three or four shows will be dedicated to ambient and experimental music. There will also be the occasional themed show focusing more in debt on particular topics of interest or musical themes, but more details of these will be announced as we go.
This is thus also a call for promos and any news items etc that you think may be worthy of broadcast or for collection and promotion here.

Some labels are already sending me things and of course I will make sure that they get a fair airing as we go, but I will try and contact them directly to let them know that there is the possibility of a broader audience. If you feel there is some music that I should be aware of or that you would like me to try and fit in, then please contact me through this blog or email floatinghead9[at] No promises, but I will always listen and do my best to find a place for as many things as possible.

Many thanks and looking forward to getting the show underway. Many thanks to Carlos Medina for having faith.

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