Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lapsus Records - Pina

Here is a nice record I picked up recently from a Barcelona-based label called Lapsus Records. Only a few releases so far, but a determination to put out both interesting objects and music. The earlier releases included a picture disc of remixes of local producer Wookie who was one of the opening acts of Sonar last year. He actually works (or used to work) at a local record store where he is forever grateful to me as he gave me a full three day pass to Primavera Sound by mistake in place of a ticket to Atari Teenage Riot which I faithfully returned to his relief.

This single is by Pedro Pina who has also released drum n bass under the name of Sloan on the Donna Lee Records label. There are many high points here from the nice cover design, the clear vinyl and of course the miusic, which is fundamentally IDM, but gives the ilusion of other styles, for example the faux techno in the final track "Terminat". With eight tracks it seems a little bit homogenous by the end if listening straight through, but nonethless each track does bear a particular character that makes it overall a compelling release.

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